Covenant Groups at Awaken are geared towards those who want to grow in their faith and be intentional about the path of spiritual formation and maturity.  These are groups of 3-6 who meet twice a month to grow in their capacity to engage and respond to God in their own lives.  The curriculum for Covenant Groups is a simple process that is engaged and repeated as we live our lives. 

We are now forming Covenant Group for the year!  These will meet twice a month on Wednesday nights from 6:30-8:30 with the experience running September 23-end of May.  If you're interested in being a part of these groups you can fill out a form here.  Any questions, contact Jenna.



The word "shabbat" or "sabbath" means to stop.  The spiritual life begins with stopping.  As humans, we are invited by God in the scriptures to live in a rhythm of rest & work.  Rest 1 day, work 6 days.  Can we begin with stopping, receiving, delight, wonder, and gift, from God's hand.  Can we learn that our worth is not what we produce, but rather that we are made in the image of God?  What if our work & creative endeavors came from a place of rest and fulfillment, as an overflow of what we receive from God?



Do we have eyes to see God at work in the midst of our own lives?  Can we see God at work in the world?Once we stop, it's amazing the things we begin to see that were always there but never noticed.  In Exodus 3, Moses stops, turns aside and SEES a bush burning but not consumed.  Can we see God at work in our life?



Once, we've stopped and we've seen God at work somewhere, do we know what it sounds like when God speaks to us?  This is a lifelong journey of becoming familiar with the voice of the Divine, because it's different for all of us.  Can we learn to distinguish the voice of God from all the other voices so we can HEAR clearly what God is saying to us?



This is about knowing what you bring that is uniquely you.  Each of us have different gifts, passions, talents and resources.  Do you know what you bring?  Can you recognize the part that you play after having seen God at work, and heard God speak to you?  What is in your hands?



At the end of this journey of stopping, seeing, hearing and recognizing, there comes a choice.  Will you engage? Will you respond to the prompting of God's voice with all of your self?  Will you show up authentically with all of who you are?  This is about action and participating in God's work of restoration and redemption.